staying home because of corona is not about you

Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

**Disclaimer: this post is addressed to healthy, privileged individuals like myself who aren’t burdened by circumstances such as abusive homes.**

On social media, I’ve seen posts about people going out to bars and large, public social gatherings despite the imperativeness of staying home. Often people will say that other people are overreacting by taking precaution with regards to COVID-19, saying that they don’t care if they themselves get the virus. I’ll hear that they’re not going to die even if they themselves get it, so it’s not a big deal for them to go out and risk getting it.

Just a few weeks ago, I was still going out and about as I pleased, saying that I’m not going to let this virus stop me from living my life.

But then the seriousness of the virus and need for staying home was all over the news.

As distraught and in denial as I was about this situation, I would be even more distraught if someone vulnerable, God forbid, got sick with Corona because of me and my selfishness. Sure, I might not die if I get the COVID-19 virus, God forbid I get it. I’m a healthy, young person with a well-functioning immune system. I might not suffer beyond the symptoms similar to a flu.

But this isn’t about me.

This is about the elderly people whose immune systems are not as strong as healthy young people such as myself. This is about people, young and old, whose immune systems are deficient and who do not have the luxury of going out knowing that it is not likely that they will die if they get this fast-spreading virus.

Young people without autoimmune deficiencies– this isn’t about us. This isn’t about you.

I’m baffled by people’s selfishness and blatant disregard. It’s shocking to see people still going out to clubs and pubs. I feel sick seeing people like Vanessa Hudgens scoff at the threat going out poses to vulnerable people. I’m disgusted.

Hudgens claimed that the virus isn’t a big deal and that people dying from it is not an important enough reason to stay home. How in the world can someone be so blatantly disgusting? She was basically saying that protecting the lives especially vulnerable to the virus was insignificant in comparison to her and others’ desires to go outside and enjoy their lives.

The “people are going to die anyway” attitude is extremely ignorant and selfish. Of course, everyone is going to die eventually. And people are going to die independently of whether or not you go out or stay inside. People are doing to die independently of your daily life choices and actions.

But that’s not the case with this COVID-19 pandemic.

People are going to die because of you.

Everyone’s time will come eventually, but none of us have the right to shorten another life, to cut someone’s life quicker than it would have been cut.

Of course, it’s not like you’re taking a knife and stabbing someone through the chest with the purpose of killing them. But with this Corona issue, by going out, you’re putting yourself at high risk to get the virus. And you’ll be oblivious for two weeks. And then within that two week period, God knows to how many people you’ve spread the virus to, vulnerable or not.

And so yeah, you’ll eventually have to deal with being sick with Corona. But, if you’re a decent enough person, you better also be haunted by the knowledge that you’ve infected many others and put their lives at risk.

Now think, how would that make you feel? Would it be worth it? Is it worth carrying the guilt that people are dying or about to die because of you and your intentional carelessness, neglect and overall selfishness

How would it feel to be a murderer, direct or indirect?

I know staying at home, being away from your friends and people in general, and just not being able to resume to what is normal for you isn’t fun. In fact, it’s heartbreaking. In a previous post, I’d lamented about how staying at home leaves me susceptible to depression. I’d expressed my sadness in my last semester of college being moved online, Just a few days ago, I’d learned that my graduation was postponed to a day my dear ones and I will not be able to attend.

Staying at home, social or physical isolation– it’s no joke. It’s hard.

But so is getting the virus and being sick and possibly dying, and so is being the reason for someone else’s suffering and dying.

This situation– as dire as it may seem– is temporary. And the risks of the virus spreading will only be reduced faster as more people take this pandemic seriously and make efforts to combat it instead of giving into selfish desires.

You don’t like the fact that your favorite stores have shortened hours or are closed? You don’t like the fact that your favorite local coffee shop may be shutting down because they’re not getting enough business? You don’t like learning or working from home? You don’t like the physical and social restrictions that your government is putting on you?

Then stop being part of the problem and listen to the doctors. Listen to the news. The sooner people listen, the sooner things will go back to normal.

There are also doctors and other medical personnel to consider. These amazing human beings are working so hard and sacrificing time from spending time at home with their family and just taking rest to recuperate from their work. From all the patients they are seeing and working on, with all the treatments they are doing. These medical personnel already had people they needed to treat, but now on top of that, they are getting increasing patients to treat as more people are infected with COVID-19. And the real kicker to top it off?

A large portion of these patients are young people.

Seriously?! Not only are they getting themselves sick, significantly risking other people getting sick, and perhpas even killing them, but they’re also hurting the people who are treating them. They’re making medical professional lives harder than it already is.

How selfish can people get?

Seriously people: STAY HOME. Of course there may be emergencies once in a while to go out, but other than that– SERIOUSLY, stay home. Or at least social distancing.

Remember– it’s not worth you carrying the burden of taking someone else’s life, and deterring the lives of those the hospitals whose very jobs are to serve you and the entire community.

The sooner people start being considerate and taking this seriously, the sooner it will be over.

Don’t risk murdering people.

Photo by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash

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  1. Ita

    Well said, Samantha. I’m in the ‘vulnerable people’ group as I’ve a tendency to get asthma and also because I had a spell in hospital at the end of last year with a chest and throat infection. I’m self-isolating at home, though my husband is still occasionally going out for essentials (mostly food) when he knows he can be a safe distance from other people. I get worried every time he does that, though, as if he did catch it – I think that would probably be the end of me… and possibly him, though is immune system is much stronger than mine. 😦 (the unsmiley is for the possibility of me dying, not his surviving, lol!)

    There have always been people with absolutely no sense – and probably always will be. Here in the UK a man was fined recently for ‘letting’ his son go out with his group of friends. I don’t suppose he’d have been able to stop him but I bet the family will try to tackle this now. Or if they don’t, the fine will be higher next time, and higher after that.

    My guess is that the people doing this won’t be reading any of our blog posts, they won’t be looking at the news, they simply won’t be listening. Possibly the only way they’ll get the message is if people they admire or look up to, tell them. So some street kids might listen to a rapper, for instance.


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