All Lives Matter?

**PLEASE NOTE: This was originally published on July 24, 2017 to give some context to some specific things such as the Dallas incident being “a year ago”. Despite being published a few years ago, this post is still extremely relevant to the current societal climate in the United States.**

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

Even though it makes my blood boil to see ignorance seeping through these pages, sometimes I cannot help but click on the alt-right conservative accounts dedicated towards supporting Trump for the sake of the ideology of white supremacy. I don’t really know why I allow myself to be exposed towards such negativity sometimes, but I feel like maybe it’s perhaps due to the fact that I really want to understand what goes on in the minds of those of people who highly disagree with me and I want to understand why they think and believe what they do. As the saying goes, seek to understand before seeking to be understood. 

Although there are several ways I see these accounts dehumanizing people that break my heart, one of the things I want to discuss in particular is the M & M’s or Skittle analogy that I often hear of or see. For those of you who haven’t heard of it before, basically the analogy compares people to these candies. It asks you, if there are just a few poisonous M&M’s or just a few poisonous Skittles in a bowl of many M&M’s or Skittles, perhaps if there is even as few as one poisonous M & M or Skittle within the whole bowl, would you still eat from the bowl? 

The obvious answer to this question, if taken literally, is no. However, it should be just as obvious as to how stupid and wrong it is to regard this analogy to Syrian refugees, who are fleeing for their lives and even having to risk their lives in the only ways they may escape, as mere M & M’s and Skittles. It dehumanizing to regard Syrian refugees as mere pieces of candy; it is unfair, illogical and immoral. 

First of all, for those that are proponents of this argument, they are only trying to find “poisonous” people within a certain demographic. However, why aren’t they thinking the same about other demographics of people? What about looking at the people, although have been American citizens their whole life, are perpetrators of hate crimes against innocent people who have minority identities? What about considering all the white-supremacists or KKK members within the demographic of Christian Americans? Why do you only apply this “poisonous candy” analogy towards innocent people who have no other choice but to leave for fear of their and their families’ lives and safety, but don’t even think about applying it towards these groups, too, where large percentages of terrorism are apparent?

For those Christians that agree with this analogy, and are truly in the best interest of the American people, why don’t they call for a throwing out of people with extreme right-wing, KKK, white supremacist ideology as much as they call for the keeping and throwing out of Muslims, let alone Syrian refugees? 

Why is it that they automatically believe the media when it implies and straight out declares acts of terrorism by stupid people who claim to be Muslim, are encouraged by Islam, but then whine about the same media being a liar at the same time when it presents straight out FACTS about your beloved, sexual predator president? Also, before you think to argue with me that acts of terrorism by terrorists who claim to be Muslim must be reflective of Islam, the religion they claim to follow, then I can argue the same about Christianity by saying that the KKK claims to Christian and so their white-supremacist and violent analogies must align with Christianity and the rest of Christians. 

But I won’t. I won’t stoop to that level and carry an air of arrogance, thinking I know everything about a subject I haven’t studied enough, and blame the innocent majority of Christians for acts they don’t commit or believe in. 

It’s wrong (both logically and morally) and unfair to say that not all Christians are terrorists, but some are, so we should keep Christians out. In the same way, it’s wrong (both logically and morally) and unfair to say that not all Muslims are terrorists, but some are, so we should keep Muslims out. 

Because Islam condemns terrorism. Muslims condemn terrorism. 

Just as Christianity condemns terrorism and just as Christians condemn terrorism. 

And just as Islam condemns terrorism and just as Christians condemn terrorism.

And just as Christianity condemns terrorism and just as Muslims condemn terrorism.

For those of you who accuse Islam of being violent and for those of you who cheer at harassing Muslims and throwing them out of the country, why don’t you actually study Islam? Why don’t you actually talk with actual Muslims, the ones living around you, who are actually practicing the real Islam, which preaches peace and unity among people of different faiths and backgrounds, instead of believing your own made-up assumptions?

And don’t go cherry-picking verses from the Qur’an to prove your point; I could do the same thing from the Bible or Torah. And it would be unfair. You need to understand the context of what is being said. You need to know the whole story. 

Now, I’m going to go into how what I just discussed relates to Black Lives Matter. 

Black Lives Matter is not about “black supremacy” and is not about being “anti-white.” it is not at all promoting a black vs. whites or whites vs. black analogy. But instead, it preaches the UNITY of black people and white people, among the unity of all races. I know that opponents of Black Lives Matter say that it is unfair to call it Black Lives Matter instead of All Lives Matter, but if that’s what they are saying, then they are missing the point: BLACK Lives Matter=ALL Lives Matter. 

The whole point of the movement of Black Lives Matter is to raise the concern for safety and valuing of black people to the level it is raised for white people or for demographics of people that aren’t as statistically in danger for receiving unjustified violence by the police. NOTE THAT I AM NOT SAYING that police don’t have the right to defend themselves against violence, as obviously if a police’s life or well-being is in danger by a criminal or anyone, then of course police, or any person at all, will need to and should protect themselves. All I’m saying that there have been way too many incidents where black people’s lives are devalued by police forces and where black people are killed or treated unjustifiably. There is even research to show this and reports of several incidents to prove that these wrongful things occur. 

So, my point is: BLACK LIVES MATTER IS JUST TRYING TO PROMOTE THAT ALL LIVES MATTER. Black Lives Matter is trying to bring equal value to people of all races, with a focus on the demographic of black people. 

But you still say that it’s unfair and illogical for it to focus on black people? Well, guess what? It’s not fair how they’re oppressed, and have been so for the time since they were tormented with slavery. 

No, my point is not that just because they were oppressed before, we need to oppress white people now. I am not saying that two wrongs make a right. 

MY POINT IS that we need to put a focus on the group THAT IS STILL BEING OPPRESSED. 

How are black people oppressed in America, let alone in other parts of the world? Well, Google up some stats, if you don’t believe it! Here, I’ll even give you some, regarding police violence in America:

Obviously, not every single one of these cases indicate that every single case involved an unjustified use of aggression by police, but the startling numbers when comparing the number of deaths of black people by police versus white people by police should be an indication of the discrimination present. 

ALSO note that Black Lives Matter is NOT about being ANTI-POLICE. No! It is about uniting with police and stopping the few bad apples from being able to get away with or even being able to commit unjustifiable crimes against black people in the first place, and to prevent past cases of these from happening in the future. Everyday, the police risk their lives for citizens’ safety, and we appreciate that and we are so thankful to them for our service. Police lives matter! But Black Lives Matter is not denying or protesting that police lives matter. The ideology of Black Lives Matter actually supports that police lives matter, because it is all about equality. 

For those people who claimed to be part of the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement for EQUALITY, but then ended up killing innocent police in Dallas, Texas about a year ago, SHAME ON THEM. They are not reflective of the values that Black Lives Matter presents; in fact, they are enemies of Black Lives Matter since they are against the valuing of innocent lives. I pray that the innocent police who were inhumanely murdered by these horrendous people rest in peace. 

To those people like these monsters who march with Black Lives Matter and try to represent it, you are not representative of Black Lives Matter if you promote the very kind of violence towards innocent lives that the Black Lives Matter movement protests. You are just proponents of police brutality and play a significant part in sustaining the violence against your innocent black brothers and sisters. You help those who are opponents of the Black Lives Matter movement reinforce their false perception that what is a peaceful movement is violent. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you.

Equal rights is not a contest, so stop seeing it as one. For those who are opponents of minorities fighting (peacefully) for their rights, are you just scared of equality? Are you so intimidated by minority people, that you are so pathetic as to fight against their fight for EQUALITY? For the equality they deserve as human beings?

Also, notice how for the same people whining about minority groups such as black people protesting peacefully for their rights, where were you protesting for your so-called oppression before these minority groups started putting in peaceful efforts to get their rights acknowledged and respected? 

Another trend I noticed on the alt-right conservative posts is the fear of white people becoming minorities. 

On one hand, extreme conservatives, white or not, ridicule and humiliate current minorities for “whining” about how they have the right to exist peacefully and for protesting ill-treatment against themselves. They say that none of these unfairness exist, and that these trouble-making minorities are crazy in their head. They are just playing the victim, and that minorities, in fact, have it way better. Okay, so if that’s what you believe, then why are YOU scared of becoming a minority group, if minorities really don’t have it so bad?

The relation between extreme conservatives’ opposition to Muslims and Black Lives Matter, or minorities in general, reflects lack of genuine belief in their preaching of “All Lives Matter.” 

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