victimization of the oppressors– a conservative tactic

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

So a person who is at the very least decent will agree that racism is wrong. They will recognize the reality of the institutionalization of racism in American government and in American systems, and they will validate the reality of police brutality. Not only that, but they will speak out against it. Non-Black people will stand with their Black brothers and sisters and siblings, and they will seek justice with them, alongside them. And they will understand that no matter how many Black friends they have, no matter how much they do or are involved in Black communities, no matter how much they sympathize, they will never truly, completely understand.

And then there is the other side who is unabashedly racist. They are some of the lowest scum of the earth. White supremacists who are unapologetically vocal about their racist ideologies. The ones who condone and even commend brutality against Black people and other people of color simply because they are not White.

And then there are those who attempt to present themselves as “watered-down” racists, those who claim that they are not racist but totally are. Those who may claim they are not racist, but their words and actions show them to be “discreetly” racist and “reluctantly” racist. People who may generally oppose racism, or at least claim to oppose it, yet excuse it “circumstantially.”

These latter group of racists are no different from the previous group mentioned when it comes to their character. In fact, this latter group of people may be even more dangerous– passing off their promotion of racism as something not-racist, sugar-coated with other reasons that they claim to take place and precedence of their inherent racism.

These “discreet” racists egg on further racism from their racist supporters by putting their guilt at bay from the sugar-coatings of their shared racism. From the justification of things that can never be justified.

These people are simply different in their approach. When it comes to being anti-racist, they are all talk, no action– they are only all-action in upholding racism. They justify racism– deep down, they know that it’s wrong and they simply are too selfish to want to care. They are power-hungry– they are insecure and starve for climbing over the marginalized. They can’t stand anyone else sharing the stage with them. They are okay with others’ existence as long as those people are beneath them in power, in opportunity and in systems– as long as the “other” are compliant with their wishes.

That’s one reason why Candace Owens is “successful” in her career as a Black conservative, right-wing celebrity. She doesn’t challenge the racial power dynamics that exist– she caters to what her White counterparts want– she caters to their denial of it. She caters to them for their approval. She is strategic in what she chooses to be silent on, and in what she chooses to be vocal about. She strives to be the “docile minority” who refrains from challenging White supremacist systems because she knows that’s what her White counterparts want to see; she knows that is the only way that they will welcome her. She is willing to give up fighting for her rights as a Black woman, as a Black person, in exchange for fame– and that is extremely disgusting. Not only does it affect the way she is treated and perceived as an individual, but it also affects Black brothers and sisters and their oppression being reinforced.

Like I mentioned, the latter group of racists know that they are wrong. But to them, they are entitled above the morality they hold others to.

Tomi Lahren, I’m looking at you.

Tomi is just one example of a seemingly closeted but not so closeted White supremacist. She can try to be clever and use her persuasion and public speaking skills, which I must say are quite impressive. She is the epitome of showing that it’s not always what you say that people take heed to you, but rather how you say it that convinces them. I’m impressed by Tomi, but even more, I’m truly disgusted.

She could be using her skills to make the world a better place and to fight on the side of justice, but instead, she does the opposite. She knows that it caters to her fellow White supremacists and she knows it serves well for the maintenance of her White privilege and power in this country. And most of all, she knows that her bullshit serves her career well with her buddies at Fox News.

I find it interesting that she stayed quite mum about the case of Floyd and in addressing the crime of the police responsible for his murder. Prior to news of the protests and the riots, she didn’t express much outrage or demands for justice. Only after the protests and riots did she speak up at all. And it wasn’t even primarily for the justice for Floyd. Floyd’s murder at the hands of the police was just an afterthought– she only addressed it because she wanted to address the riots. It was the destruction of PROPERTY, not the destruction of LIFE, that prompted her to speak up. And she had her scripted sympathy ready so that she could jump into her conservative propaganda shortly.

Tomi wasn’t upset about the death of Floyd. She wasn’t upset or infuriated at the deaths of others at the hands of the police. She was upset because of the riots. She failed to mention the fact that most of the protests are peaceful, in addition to conveniently leaving out that many of the riots were done by White supremacists to frame Black Lives Matter protestors.

How can Tomi not be outed as a White supremacist when she didn’t care to acknowledge the role of White supremacists in their framing of the Black Lives Matter protesters? In addition to that, how scary is it that she was basically trying to protect White supremacists with her omission of their culpability? On top of focusing the blame on Black people.

The fact that she didn’t out White supremacists for their violence but instead decided to selectively focus on Black people speaks volumes. The fact that she was both complicit and active in blaming Black people is frightening. The way that Tomi totally disregarded Black people’s outrage to violence by White supremacists and police that have plagued them for centuries, for generations, while victimizing these White supremacists and police oppressors. The way she simultaneously criminalized those speaking out against the oppressors. Her selective outrage, this willingness to blame Black people while omitting blame from White people, the oppressors of Black people– speaks volumes about Tomi’s racist ideologies.

How much more obvious can Tomi’s White supremacy get?

Tomi only spoke out in favor of her own convenience. How further interesting it is that while coddling White supremacists by not holding them accountable, Tomi also continues to pout for the police as she upholds them as victims who haven’t done anything wrong. She doesn’t mention a thing about the fact that alongside the vocal White supremacists, the police started violence whereas the protests have otherwise been peaceful.

She doesn’t mention or seem to care about how the police tear-gassed peaceful protestors. Or how they gassed a CHILD. Or how they dragged and pushed and straight-out injured peaceful protesters simply because they could– just to name a few of the police’s abhorrent crimes.

How convenient is it for Tomi to fail to mention that the police started much of the violence that has been blamed on the protesters? She has literally been excusing the violent actions of police and White supremacists while only choosing to condemn and blame Black people and Black Lives Matter allies.

Her agenda could not get any more obvious: criminalize Black people while victimizing those who have wronged them.

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