Image by James Resly on Unsplash

I’ve been feeling so good lately.

Even in my stress with school and my anxiety and other challenges, I’ve been dealing amazingly and I’ve been feeling amazing and I’ve been, overall, amazing.

I deactivated my main Instagram account. I tried to deactivate my other accounts, but Instagram put so many restrictions and barriers and I find myself having to bend over backwards to figure out how to– especially with me not remembering the passwords for these accounts (It’s like they make it complicated on purpose (which I wouldn’t be surprised if intentional). But for those accounts, I’m just not going into them.

I only have one account I’m actually active on right now, and I am super mindful about the content I allow in there. I made it a few weeks ago to help hold myself accountable for my fitness, health and overall wellness goals. I am super picky about who I decide to follow on it, and I only allow positive content into it. I’m also really mindful about what I post– I’m only posting things that actually help me and allow me to inspire myself. I’m trying to focus on myself and on being the best that I can be internally and externally, and I’m surrounding myself with content by people I look up to or serve as inspirations for me.

And honestly, being picky about the visuals in my life is EXTREMELY impactful. It changes the way I feel and it increases my motivation to follow in the footsteps of the people who inspire me. It also reminds me that no matter where or how I am, change– positive change– GROWTH– is possible. The people I see and who inspire me and are where I want to be had to start somewhere, and they are genuine and open about their journey, which I love.

At first, I wondered if I was doing something wrong for not being as continuously aware of social justice issues that I should stay aware of. But just because I’m not constantly exposed to these issues doesn’t mean I’m not keeping up. Plus, when I was surrounding myself with all the negative, but necessary, news and information, I don’t think it was actually making me productive. In fact, I feel like it was making me less productive with the overload of issues and me not knowing where to start. It was draining me and rendering me frozen and useless. I had to find a balance in the way that I consume negative information– in a way that makes me more, not less, productive– in a way that doesn’t make me feel like I’m doing more that I actually am.

I had already noticed such a good difference when I deactivated my Facebook account a few months ago, and with Instagram being limited, I feel even better.

By being mindful and picky about what I surround myself with online, I’ve been able to focus my energy on being productive and actually making a difference– starting from working on myself. I’ve been able to spend that energy on being conscious; on being purposeful in chasing happiness and in choosing to be positive. In seeing my glass as half-full. As I’ve been hearing from others, you can’t pour from your cup when it’s empty. And my cup has been so depleted for so long, because I let it be. But not anymore. I’ve made so much improvement that I’m not even bingeing anymore, even when presented with multiple opportunities to do so. And not only that, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve actually been maintaining a much healthier diet.

On my current Instagram account, I’m mainly following fitness figures with healthy lifestyles and great advice that I can implement into my own life. I’m also following a few art and photography accounts, and some accounts that show amazing photographs of Earth’s beauty. I’m following pages that guide me to grow and fill me with beauty, inspiration and happiness.

And I’m still staying involved and informed. I’m still reading the news, and I’m still learning about the injustices and inequity that I have a responsibility to put an end to. But I’m taking a balanced approach that allows me to be productive, and that productivity starts with being productive and hopeful within myself.

I know that social media may be addictive and hard to get off of, but the happiness and positive energy that results from distancing myself from it is so worth it– and that positive energy is addictive, too, and healthy and beneficial.

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