My New Mindset

Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash

Just a few weeks ago, I was having bingeing troubles, and I found it hard to feel in control when it came to food. While the external factors of my life seemed to be going well with grad school and the promise of a dream job, I wasn’t feeling very great about myself internally– especially when it came to my body. But as I continued my sessions with my nutritionist, something in me just snapped.

It was a long time coming, but I finally feel in control again. I haven’t binged in weeks. There’s even chocolate in my house, and so many opportunities to binge– there is a decent sized bag of chocolate chips in my fridge, Yet, I still haven’t binged– nor had I had any urges to.

It feels so good. I feel so good.

I feel so much more energetic and happy and overall just positive. I’m trying things that I didn’t think I would. I felt really intimidated to try some of these things, but once I tried them, it actually wasn’t bad– it was good, very good, and fun, even. I’ve just been so much more mindful about my actions and what and who I decide to surround myself with.

Some of the changes I made include changes to my schedule, my diet, my socialization, and social media usage. And being sure to–as cliche as it sounds– believe in myself, and have faith. In God, in myself.

These past few weeks have been great proof to me of this: it gets better. But only if I’m willing to change my mindset, my lens of life, and put in the effort. Because that effort will be so worth it.

And that effort doesn’t just entail willpower and it doesn’t mean that challenges don’t exist. So many things are interconnected– the food I ate, for example, was connected to my emotions. And my emotions were connected to social media and the people I let into my life and into my thoughts.

It was about how I viewed those challenges and how I worked with them– and it meant loving and valuing myself enough to help myself.

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