How to Self Care

Photo by Kavita Jangid on Unsplash


Self-care– there is no one way of doing it. I would often get the image of someone being all fancy with a whole spa day and everything– something I’m not a huge fan of. In reality, it can be much more simple, or even more complex. Self-care varies from person to person, and perhaps even day to day. Maybe what is self-care one day is not self-care another day. But at the end of the day, what it comes down to is you and how you are able to rejuvenate yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I’m not a huge fan of getting manicures or pedicures (haven’t even painted my nails for a few years, not even at home by myself, and pedicures are a huge NO– ain’t nobody touching my feet!), and I’m definitely not a fan of baths (to me, they’re just gross– I’d be immersing myself in my own filth. But I do love playing with bath bombs and throwing them in the water just for my own sensual and aesthetic pleasures without stepping into the tub). But if that’s what you love, you do you! After all, self-care is all about the person who is trying to practice it.

Here are some ways that I “self-care:”

1. Watching one of my favorite childhood TV shows and/or movies. One with good vibes and positivity– especially when I need a break from the bleaker parts of the world.

Oh Snap GIF
disney GIF

2. Watching my favorite Youtubers. Nabela Noor is my current ultimate favorite– she has been for a while now. I can’t get enough of her inspiration, positivity and authenticity, and I can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy and hopeful seeing the chemistry between her and Seth (masha Allah).

encouraging you can do it GIF by AT&T Hello Lab

3. Connecting with a close friend. It’s always good to have a reminder that I’m not alone and that somebody actually cares. Getting advice and affirmations from my friends when I need it is awesome, but sometimes just having a listening ear is all I need. Even with social distancing and all, communicating with a friend is just a phone call away.

I Love You Hug GIF by Disney Pixar
Loading Hug GIF by MOODMAN
leighton meester gg GIF

4. Eating healthy. This isn’t just a one-time-deal. This is something I’m striving to keep up, no matter how busy my days get. I’ll talk more about my health/wellness journey later, but I’ve been more conscious about nourishing my body with foods that it deserves and it feels AMAZING.

exercise GIF by Petter Pentilä

5. Drinking LOTS of water. ‘Nuff said. I would often underestimate how much my body really needs, and once I overcame that, I felt much better physically and mentally. I also tended to eat healthier.

season 1 GIF by Huda Boss

6. Reading fiction. Particularly contemporary romantic comedies, my favorite genre next to young adult/new adult fantasies that also involve romantic and comedic components to them. I just love escaping into another world and going on adventures from the comfort of my own bed. Plus, it’s a huge relief from staring at screens all day from my schoolwork and job.

read beauty and the beast GIF by Disney
reading read GIF by Alexandra Dvornikova
book read GIF
Book Reading Coffee GIF

7. Writing. Which you could probably tell. I love writing. It’s one of my favorite mediums to express myself, and it helps me cope with my own personal challenges. I also love the satisfaction of just creating and communicating and connecting with others through my “creations.”

writing working GIF by pamelaespino

8. Indulging in artwork. Whether it’s seeing it or creating it. I consider books artwork, too, but I’m also talking about visual artwork. Like going on Pinterest and creating vision boards for stories that I am writing or plan to write, or just going to the mall or a store with pretty things like Home Goods– but not particularly to shop. I’m interesting when it comes to “shopping”– I’ll go to a place like World Market or TJ Maxx, and I’ll put stuff in my shopping cart– like a lot of stuff– but I won’t actually end up buying like 90 percent of that stuff. Even if I walk into a store knowing that I’m not buying anything, I get awestruck and enlightened to see the products of different people’s ideas. For others, it may be going to museums specifically dedicated to art.

art drawing GIF
Animation Painting GIF by Carlotta Notaro
keith haring images GIF
I freaking love Keith Harring’s work.
keith haring art GIF by G1ft3d

9. Exploring! For me, this would also fall under “indulging in artwork.” I just like to explore places–familiar or not– and be around people. I love local places, especially, like the unique, local coffeeshops but in my college town as well as the various local shops in Richmond. All of that is art to me– and so are all the people I see, diverse in looks, dressing styles, and vibes. There’s just the excitement of finding new things– even in a familiar place– everyday with there always being people. Yes, a vacation to Iceland, Switzerland and other countries would be awesome to have every other week, but exploring doesn’t have to be that grand. I’ve lived in Richmond for almost 10 years, and I still have several places to discover and get enthralled by.

Travel World GIF by Irannis
timelapse new york GIF

10. Spending time with my cats. I just feel relaxed, warm, fuzzy, and full of love.


11. Spending time underneath the night sky. I just love looking up at the stars and night clouds while sondering and thinking about how amazing and scary, and scarily amazing and amazingly scary, the unknown is.

loofandtimmy space stars alien adventure GIF
night sky GIF
Okay, so I searched for night sky GIFS and I’m obsessed with like so many of them since I’m well, obsessed with the night sky in general. So I’m going to post a bunch. But don’t mind me and scroll down to the next “self-care type” if you want, lol.
night sky stars GIF
night sky GIF
Shooting Star Night GIF by CITY OF THE SUN
night sky GIF
floating night sky GIF by South Park
northern lights sky GIF
Shooting Star Stars GIF by
Camping Night Sky GIF by Eddie Bauer
black cat GIF
milky way stars GIF by Head Like an Orange
storm kimi GIF
moon phases GIF by NASA

12. Working out. Endorphins just feel so… good. Not only does working out make me feel good in becoming one step closer to reaching my fitness goals, but it also just makes me feel satisfied in a holistic sense. I feel accomplished, especially when I do it first thing in the morning, and my motivation and hunger and inspiration for more accomplishments follow along and stays with me throughout my day. And with the positive vibes that come inherently with working out.

workout exercise GIF by Justin Gammon

13. Organizing/reorganizing my bookshelf. I have all these books and journals and pop figurines, and I won’t stop, can’t stop, collecting them. I hope to have walls filled with books and souvenirs of my favorite stories to accompany and compliment them like those fancy book-lover Instagrammers one day, insha Allah.

Books Library GIF
book reading GIF by NT

14. Cleaning/organizing my physical spaces. Clean room, clean mind.

happy marie kondo GIF by NETFLIX
Actually, I don’t– oganizing/cleaning isn’t exactly fun, but the relief of having actually done it and its results are.
happy marie kondo GIF by NETFLIX

15. Limiting screen time. Especially with social media. I’ve detailed this more in a few of my recent blog posts, but I’m been really mindful about how much of social media I’m consuming, and what type of content I’m consuming. And it’s made a huge difference. Also I’m going to mention– I really miss those ‘ol days when everyone having smartphones wasn’t a thing. I’m talking about the time when people were raving over those Motorola Razrs (I used to have the orchid pink one) or sidekicks, etc. Those phones were so much cuter, too! But that’s a story for another time…

Bored Phone GIF by VPRO
picture pink GIF
This image lowkey hurts my eyes…but I like the creativity of the concept. Would’ve appreciated if the pink was a less shocking shade. Or a blue. I would totally buy a blue Razr if one was out today. Maybe.

How do you self-care?

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