Not Being Productive is Productive

Photo by Taisiia Stupak on Unsplash

Today, I’m having a down day. I tried a new work out method a few days ago and worked my lower body, and I’ve been super sore. It’s been really hard for me to go down the stairs and even just sit on the toilet. Of course, soreness is nothing new to me. I’ve had these challenges before, but not to this extent and for this long. Thankfully, I’m feeling better physically today.

But today, I feel like I need a mental break. Maybe a physical one, too. But I want to get things done. I want to create, I want to write (which, yeah, I am doing now), I want want to be productive.

But I have to remind myself– not being productive is productive.

As humans, we need breaks. We need rest. Relaxing is necessary for us to be productive. If we don’t stop to take a deep breath, then how are we going to see the shallow ones we have been settling for when the big ones are what we are supposed to be taking, and how are we going to remind ourselves to keep taking these breaths the way we deserve so that we can perform at our best, and most importantly, so that we can live at our best? We need time to stop, think and just be. We just, simply put, need to recharge.

So today, I’m going to start a new rom-com novel and not feel a bit guilty about sitting down and relaxing– or, at the very least, I’m going to try my best not to feel guilty. I’m going to maybe even watch some episodes of New Girl on Netflix or That’s so Raven on Disney Plus– maybe I’ll even throw in a movie if I can manage that.

When it comes to physical exercise, even though I know I physically am not able to perform at the way I performed before this soreness I’m recovering from, I keep feeling gross– but I’m fighting it. Even with running, I would feel lacking for not being physically productive enough if I couldn’t run due to an injury or illness. Similarly to mental rest, my attitude toward physical rest needs to change– and I have been fighting the negative notions toward rest, hence my incorporation of new exercises and a new wellness lifestyle– a new lifestyle that involves less running and working out smarter in a way that is more effective and beneficial to my overall wellness.

I have to remember that relaxing or resting does not equate to being sluggish and lazy– it simply means that I am rejuvenating myself so that I can live to my finest and so that I can perform my best so that I can live my best.

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