My Enchanted Walk

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

I had a very enchanting kind of experience a few nights ago.

For those who know me or have been following my blog for a while, you know about my complicated relationship with running. I often feel like running in a prequisite for me to do other activities, whether it’s regarding productivity or relaxation, or lesser forms of physical strain. If I don’t run on a given day, I not only feel gross, but I also feel like I can’t go out for a walk because of the feelings of shame of not doing enough that it brings me. Well, a few nights ago, I decided to go on a walk anyway. (Plus, even if I don’t run on a given day, it doesn’t hurt to walk at night. I’m trying to get it through my head that just like I would still read a book for pleasure on a day I decide not to run, I could still do something else like walking for pleasure without trying to attribute it as “exercise,” especially if that helps me get over the not-running guilt.

It was about an hour before sunset. Walks are usually fun for me in an urban setting where there are local shops and people all around me, but just walking around my suburban neighborhood– kind of hidden from the urban part– is quite boring for me. But I got an idea that night.

The scenery was beautiful, the sky having finished raining about a half an hour or so before I decided to go walking. And the I decided to go was probably an 45 minutes before sunset started. The setting just looked really magical to me. I decided to get creative and make this walking experience inspired by my imagination.

I looked up “fairy” music on Spotify and let the magic begin.

I decided to venture outside of my neighborhood and go to a road between neighborhoods where it was more green and more lush. The sky glistened as the last lights of the sun shone behind clouds of a darkening sky, and it was just so beautiful to see.

And, like I said– the experience was just so magical.

It felt as if I was in another realm, and story ideas formulated in my mind as I walked and thought and just let myself be. I blocked the rest of my worries out and I delved deeper and deeper in to the scenery, and as I indulged in the enchanted music and sounds filling my ears.

All in all, this method of walking really allowed me to indulge in my imagination and I loved it. I’m inspired to try out other imaginative themes to implement into my walking adventures.

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