Hi there!

My name is Samantha and I am twenty-two. I graduated from Virginia Tech with my bachelor’s degree; I majored Religion & Culture and Political Science and minored in Middle Eastern Studies.

I am passionate about humanity and people’s stories. I am in love with words and love wandering through them, whether they are my own or in the writing of another human hand.

I am a Muslim American with roots from Bangladesh. I value my faith and my background, and I love learning about the cultures and backgrounds of others. I enjoy traveling and spending time scoping out local bookstores in places new to me. I like to live in coffee shops. I am in awe with the world around me; I am filled with “sonder.” I love walking under the star-filled night sky and thinking about what and who are out there– things and people that I may never see or meet.

I made this blog to express myself through one of my favorite hobbies– writing. I decided to share my thoughts and my stories through this platform to connect with people. I think the world is a strange and beautiful place and I spend much of my time pondering on why people and things are the way they are. And now I’m sharing those thoughts with you.

I try to keep it real with myself when I write, and I put great effort into keeping it real with my readers. I strive to be vulnerable and unapologetically human. I want my writing to help people feel less alone and to be inspired. I want my words to express love and compassion toward those who come across them. I want my writing to be relatable and encouraging. I want to encourage others to embrace and be themselves. I want to show that we all struggle and we all thrive, and that we are all connected by our insecurities and our confidence– we’re all connected by our humanity.

I have also been a fellow for the Tempest in the past; you can click here to check out my articles on their platform.

Thank you for stopping by. Feel free to contact me; I love getting feedback. I love hearing other perspectives and comparing and contrasting them with my own. Did a post really resonate with you and make you feel excited? Did any of my opinions make you utterly angry? Did something confuse you? Do you disagree with something? Let me know! You can comment underneath my blog posts or email me at snswrites@gmail.com.